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The gluten free Greek – don’t give up your favorites!

A gluten free diet does not have to limit the kinds of food you eat. All іt hаs tо dо іs limit thе types оf ingredients thаt аrе рut іntо thе foods thаt уоu choose tо eat and it usually requires just a slight modification to recipe to make it gluten-free. This can be achieved […]

It’s here! The cookbook we have all been waiting for.

On sale today, Festival of Greek Flavors offers a Mediterranean culinary adventure, allowing readers to cook and eat like a Greek. The cookbook offers chefs of all skill levels delectable Greek recipes that have been handed down for generations or recently modernized, and will please the palette while providing a feast for the eyes. All […]

Whats the big deal about olive oil anyway? Part 2

Olive oil is as diverse as wine – it can come from a single grape or a blend; it can vary in color, aroma and flavor; it can come from many different regions all over the world and is sold in many different grades. However, there is one simple characteristic you must know that will […]

May is Mediterranean Diet Month!

The Mediterranean Diet is regularly described as the “gold standard” for promoting healthy patterns to living well. Our cookbook will teach you to eat like a Greek with recipes that incorporate fish, dairy, vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes and nuts, and using olive oil as the main source of fat – the main staples […]

Coming soon

Our highly anticipated cookbook, The Festival of Greek Flavors, is coming soon! Stay tuned for more info and how to get your copy!